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National Chapter

The ACM-W is a nation-wide organization that aims to recruit more women into CSE. The following statement is taken from the national ACM-W website: The mission of ACM-W is to engage in activities and projects that aim to improve the working and learning environments for women in computing. This includes promoting activities that result in more equal representation of women in CS such as mentoring or role modelling, monitoring the status of women in industrial and academic computing through the gathering of statistics, providing historical information about women's accomplishments and roles in CS, and serving as a repository of information about programs, documents and policies of concern to women in CS.

Welcome to UW ACM-W

The Association for Computing Machinery for Women at the University of Washington is a group of students in the Paul G. Allen School (of all genders and orientations) dedicated to cultivating a strong supportive community of women within the department of Computer Science & Engineering, to helping members succeed academically, socially and professionally, and to demonstrating the importance and necessity of diversity in the computing world. We should all care about this because any time you have a discipline that leaves out a significant part of the population, you lose a valuable perspective. While many CSE faculty, staff and students are committed to increasing diversity, our department needs an organized group of students to participate in this effort. Involvement of CSE majors is crucial because students of all ages always want to see and hear firsthand what it means to become a computer scientist. That means we need YOU! Membership in ACM-W is open to all students in CSE who support the goals of the organization. In no way will this group replace or take away from the great work of our current ACM chapter.

2017-2018 Officers

Chair picture

Sasha Klezovich
Hi, my name is Alexandra, but let's keep it casual: you can call me Sasha. I love Computer Science, specifically databases, but I'm always down for some obscure debugging. I look forward to spreading that joy for all things Computer Science with others through ACM-W and providing a welcoming environment for Women in CSE at UW!
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Amy Shah
Vice Chair
Hi my name is Amy! I'm really excited to spread my love for CS and more specifically AI through ACM-W and grow our network of women in tech within UW CSE :) Fun fact: I've lived in Seattle all my life but I love traveling and meeting people of different cultures. Can't wait to meet other women who are also passionate about tech!
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Hi! I'm a fourth-year CSE student, but I'm also majoring in Statistics. I'm really into machine learning and my research has been in human computer interaction and computing for development. I also love to bake and hike and am interested in the social and cultural issues surrounding technology. I can't wait to meet new people who are also excited about CS, and I think ACM-W is a great way to do that!
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Nicole Riley
Hello! My name is Nicole and I love studying computer science. I am a post-bacculaureate student in CSE (I already have a degree in neurobiology so I am happy to talk about brains as well as tech). Outside of class, I love TAing (CSE 14x or CSE 311), singing in my a cappella group, and working to increase outreach in CSE. I can't wait to interact with other women who are excited about CSE and increasing diversity in tech while growing the ACM-W community!
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Megan Banks
Public Relations
Hi! My name is Megan! I am a senior in CSE and am originally from Pennsylvania. Outside of classes, I am involved in research with the UbiComp Lab, the Honors Community, and Society of Women Engineers. In my free time, I am usually exploring new coffee shops and farmers markets around Seattle. I am really excited to help the ACM-W community and meet new people who are passionate about Computer Science!
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Nicole Sudore
Public Relations
Hi! My name is Nicole and I'm a sophomore in CSE. Outside of coding, I love to bake and to spend time with friends and family. I am so excited to help promote women in UW's CSE department and in tech through ACM-W!